Temporary Local Rules

Effective 20 October 2020

1. 4th – Garden Beds on the left are classed as GUR. You may take free relief under Rule 16

2. 9th Fairway – The track marks on the fairway are classed as GUR, you may take relief under Rule 16.

3. 12th Hole. Protection Fence

The fence and white stakes are immovable obstructions and relief may be obtained in accordance with rule 16.1b

4. Effective from 7 July 2021 until further noticePreferred Lie/Clean and Place.

When a player’s ball lies on the fairway and the area surrounding the green (the apron) the player may take relief once by placing the original ball or another ball and playing it from this relief area. A player may NOT take relief off the fairway in the rough.

Reference point: One hand span, no closer to the hole.