Local Rules

It is the duty of every member to familiarise herself with the rules of Golf and to observe them at all times. Please check on MiScore for local rules and temporary local rule updates.

Rule 1: Out of Bounds

a)     All ground outside of the concrete kerb.

b)    The machinery compound located between the 10th and 11th holes.

c)    Left hand side of the white stakes with black tops on the left side of the 14th hole.

d)    Left hand side of the 17th fairway.

e)   OOB posts along the left side of the 18th fairway, left side of the 18th green, behind the 18th green and to the right side of the 18th green (tarmac car park).

Rule 2: Trees and Shrubs

The area defined by a staked tree is a no play zone to be treated as an abnormal course condition. Free relief MUST be taken from interference by the no play zone under Rule 16.1f.

Rule 3: Protection Fences

a)     All protection fences (with the exception of 3b) are immovable obstructions and relief may be obtained in accordance with Rule 16.1b. Note: The fence along Queens Road is not on course and no relief is available, except with one (1) stroke penalty under Rule 19.2

b)     At Holes 16 & 18, if the ball comes to rest between the parallel protection fences and the perimeter fence, the ball is deemed to be “within” the obstruction. Relief may be taken in accordance with Rule 16.1b. This rule also applies to the parallel fences on the left of the 18th hole from the 150m mark to the white OOB marker beyond the 18th green.

Rule 4: Obstructions

a)      If the ball comes to rest on an artificially surfaced path or roadway or boxed tee surround, relief may be obtained in accordance with Rule 16.1b.

b)     Chain fences, green keeper’s hoops, stakes, ropes, hoses, sign markers or green keeper’s equipment are immovable obstructions and relief may be obtained under Rule 16.1b.

c)     The player may take relief under Rule 16.1b if an immovable obstruction is on the line of play and is within two club-lengths of the putting green and within two club-lengths of the ball and not in a hazard.

Rule 5: Ground Under Repair

If a ball comes to rest on any area clearly under construction or repair or on material piled for removal,  (even though it may not be marked), relief may be obtained in accordance with Rule 16.1b.

Rule 6. “Maximum Score” Stroke

For all rounds of stroke, EXCEPT FOR THE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS, a player’s score will be capped at a maximum of the par for the hole plus 6. A player who does not complete a hole (picks up) will not be disqualified, but will record the maximum score for the hole. (Example: Par 5, maximum score is 5 + 6 =11. Par 3, maximum score is 3 +6 =9.) However if a player picks up they become ineligible for the putting competition being played concurrently with the stroke round. Any player who wishes to continue in the putting competition, must hole out every hole.

Rule 7: Balls Lost or Out Of Bounds Alternative to Stroke and Distance

When a player’s ball cannot be found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may proceed as follows rather than proceeding under stroke and distance. For two penalty strokes, the player may take relief by dropping the original ball or a substituted ball in this relief area (see Rule 14.3):

The Relief Area is two club lengths from the reference point.  The reference point is the point on the edge of the fairway of the hole being played where the original ball is estimated to have passed before it became lost or out of bounds, but is not nearer the hole.

Rule 8: Registering Intention to Compete

Before starting to play in any competition a player must register her intention to compete by using the OneGolf system.

Local rules and/or temporary local rules may be posted or withdrawn from time to time.


PENALTY FOR BREACH OF LOCAL RULES: Matchplay – Loss of Hole. Stroke Play – General Penalty, two strokes.