Member Hole Date
H. Evans 9th 03-Jul-62
Norma Chinnery 9th 22-Aug-70
Mary Goddard 9th 09-Oct-73
Ellen Parsons 18th 15-Sep-74
Marie Vincent 18th 09-Mar-75
Dorothy Michaels 9th 15-May-76
Gail Fryberg 18th 11-Dec-76
Ann Geddes 5th 04-Mar-78
Nellie Burford 9th 01-May-82
Barbara Rowe 18th 12-Mar-85
Vivienne Daniels 5th 13-Jun-92
Sarah Lanning 9th 30-Jul-94
Kay Brown 2nd 25-Jan-97
Shirley Edwards 16th 14-Oct-97
Jill Harbrow 8th 10-Apr-99
Margaret Curry 12th 07-Dec-02
Jill Kenneally 12th 06-Dec-16
Stella Torrance 2nd 22-Jan-19
Lorraine Mair 2nd 09-Jun-20

*  Course re-modelled in mid-90’s, prior to the Grand Prix in 1996