COVID-19 Local Rules

Effective 15 October 2021

Bunkers – Bunker rakes have been removed. Players may take a preferred lie, by placing their ball within 1 club length within the bunker, no closer to the pin. Please use your foot or club to smooth out your divot and foot marks.

Scoring – Use of the MiScore App is encouraged for scoring. If not using the MiScore App you can maintain your own scorecard (even if playing as a single). Under both methods of scoring you are still responsible for recording your playing partner’s score as well as your own score. Verbal confirmation of the scores between player and marker is all that is required at the completion of the hole and completion of play. Scorecards do not need to be kept once scores have been entered via the PC in the pro shop.

Use of mobile device – A multi-functional device may be used for scoring, provided it is not to access information that, if used, would cause the player to be in breach of Rule 4.3a. Penalty for breach of Local Rules – General Penalty (2 penalty strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play)